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With 30 years of experience and award winning service, we are the perfect choice for your corporate event, special family occasion, business luncheon, or intimate private dinner. Our dedicated and professional staff will treat you to a memorable occasion with superb service and the gourmet taste of Via Reál you've come to know.

Garden rooms

Our two, nearly identical garden rooms are spacious and provide an indoor patio-like atmosphere with large windows, beautiful plants, and warm fireplaces. Each room individually seats up to 40 guests.
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Santa Fe Room

Featuring beautiful copper and warm wood tones, with shuttered adobe style interior windows, the Santa Fe room is attractive for options such as a bar setup, gift table setup, and room for mingling before dinner. Seats up to 30 guests.
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Sedona Room

Ambient and inviting, the Sedona room is perfect for a smaller, more intimate occasion. Seats 2 to 20 guests.
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To reserve a room for your event, contact our Event Coordinator by email, by phone, or by submitting our inquiry form below.

Email: events@viareal.com
Phone: (972) 650 9001

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